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Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation

Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation (BHHC) is a modern English Orthodox community with roots extending back over 250 years. Our community is a vibrant one and has just completed the building of its new shul and shortly also a rain-fed Mikveh, here in Hove, at our original location 

For more about us and a download link to our membership form please click here.

זכור לא  תשכח

"Remember. Do not forget"

Shofar Magazine is now available

Pesach Edition of the Shofar Magazine is now available for download by clicking the button below. A limited  number of printed copies will be available from the Shul Office after Thursday this week.

Pesach at BHHC

The full countdown to Pesach and times of candle lighting and services can be found on this page.

Its time to sell your Chametz

To sell your Chametz, click this  Email link to Rabbi Rader stating 'I, (your name), authorise Rabbi Hershel Rader to  sell any Chametz in my possession at the following addresses (addresses of any places you may have Chametz)'.

Deadline for this is midday on Wednesday 17th April. 


Pesach Milk

Also, if you would like to order Kosher L'Pesach Milk, please email the Shul office at or call 01273 888 855 by this Friday, 12th April. Your order will be available to pick up from Novellino Deli from Thursday 18th April and the cost will be £1.70 per litre.


BHHC Communal Seder

Communal Seder on the first night of Pesach, Monday 22nd April, at 8.20pm. The price will be £35. Please contact the Shul office on 01273 888 855 or to book your place.

BHHC is 200 and we are having a party !

Actually we aren't having one party we are having a series of events throughout the summer. June 9 is a date to remember as this will be the day we hold the Dedication Service for our Shul. This will be by invitation only and we shall be sending this out shortly. We'll let you know when via the website.

"Married in Middle Street".

Were you married in Middle Street? I was and it was one of the happiest days of my life. If you or your relatives were married  there and you have a photo you could share please get in touch via this link with some details of the photo. Don't send anything yet we don't want to lose your precious memories but we are excited to see what we find. Married in Middle Street will become and exhibition and part of our Bicentennial Celebrations.

Regular Dates and Times

  • Please contact the Office for more details on Lunch & Learn which is held each Wednesday at 1:00 PM, there is a small for charge which includes the cost of a delicious light snack.

  • Wednesday's mincha will be followed by a shiur.

Daily Services

  • Shacharit - Sunday 8:30 AM and Monday to Friday 7:30 AM

  • During the same period  Mincha/Maariv services will be held every day at 7:00 PM.

  • ​​Friday night services are at candle lighting time - see below.

  • Shabbat - Shacharit is at 9:30 AM

This Week at BHHC


For more information or to be put on a contact list for service times and shiurim please phone the Shul Office on 01273 888855 or email

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