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The Mikveh

The mikveh has been a part of Jewish life for at least two thousand years. Examples have been found in Israel dating from the first century BCE. The oldest  mikveh in Europe is to be found in Sicily and dates from about 600 CE and was in use until the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492.

The mikveh is a pool of stationary water some of which must come from a natural source such as rain water, a lake, stream or the ocean. The design of the mikveh must accommodate enough water to cover an average sized person. There are strict guidelines in Orthodox Judaism covering the volume of water. The mikveh may not be a temporary structure and is usually constructed as part of a building. The water in the mikveh may be warmed.

Halacha (the body of Jewish law) dictates when one should use a mikveh. Please contact the Rabbi if you have questions. 

As part of our new shul we will have a mikveh on site. As soon as this is open the days, times and how to book wil be shown on this page.

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