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The West Hove Shul - New Church Road

The land for the original West Hove shul was acquired in the early 1950s. Plans for the site proceeded and the foundation stone for the original shul was laid on 14 December 1958 by the family of the late Maurice Freedman. The shul which was consecrated by the late Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie z"l, and was opened on 9 July 1961.  The background of this web page shows a view across the shul from behind the mechitzah of the Ladies section.

Over the six decades of its existence, the shul building saw many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, High Holidays, and Shabbatot. It doors were finally closed in January 2020 and the site cleared to make way for a new shul and mikveh. Many of the web pages have a background featuring one of the original stained glass windows.

The Return

Our first Shabbat in our West Hove shul took place on 4th March 2023. This was a dual celebration  for the community, returning to our home and a very special birthday for our Deputy Chair who gave the kiddush.


Here are some early photos of the interior. These will be updated as the last aspects of the shul are completed.

View across to Aron Hakodesh of new shul

Looking towards the Aron HaKodesh from the back of the Gentlemen's section in the new shul. There are still some aspects to be completed.

View across to Aron HaKodesh of original shul

Looking towards the Aron HaKodesh in the old shul.

View of ceiling construction

The ceiling has a a secret. When viewed from below one sees a series of triangles and hexagons.

View of ceiling - Magen David

If seen from even a slight angle the Magen David appears.

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