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The glorious decor of Middle Street Synagogue

The web page background features the splendid rose window. Below are some more pictures  of the magnificent decorative elements of the shul.

Each capital represents a biblical fruit or crop. The olive holds a special place in the Bible. It is the evidence to Noah that the flood was receding. The Promised Land is a land of olive oil and honey. The Psalmist likens himself to a green olive. 

The term bulrush is mentioned in Isaiah, the Book of Job and most famously in Exodus as part of the narrative of the early life of Moses.

Two views of the Ner Tamid (Eternal Light taken from upstairs gallery (see above) and looking up from the Gentlemen's section (see right). You can see the beautiful stained glass of semi-cupola above. This was donated to the synagogue in 1876 by Mr. Benjamin Lewis.

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