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While our wonderful Middle Street Synagogue undergoes some essential work, there is the honour of being one of the first to be married at our new shul on our New Church Road site. 

In order to be married in any Orthodox shul certain requirements need to be fulfilled. You will need to register your marriage with the Chief Rabbi's Office, Rabbi Radar will help you through this process. You and your affianced will need the Ketubahs of your parents. Contact the Rabbi by email


The Rabbi will also discuss dates with you. There are certain dates in the Jewish calendar when you may not marry so it is very important to have this discussion before thinking about venues and dates for the simcha. Rabbi will also advise you about registering your wedding with the civil authorities. If neither your nor your affianced belong to our shul then Rabbi will be able to advise you about membership. This is a civil legal requirement since the Rabbi and the shul act as Wedding Registrar for the day of the simcha.

Once all the paperwork is done you can move on to the planning, where will you hold the Auf Ruf, what type of venue you want for the  catering the reception and or meal. 

These are all aspects that we can help with and advise on so please contact the Shul office once you have spoken with Rabbi.

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