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Bereavement Support

Sadly, there are times when people suffer a bereavement.  In this case, we offer the following support:


Burials.  Please contact our Bereavement Line, on 01273 091065. Here we will be able to assist you with the arrangements for funerals and offer information in relation to arranging a funeral. In conformity with Jewish Law, the funeral will take place as soon as possible, while taking into account the wishes of the family.


Pastoral Care.  Please contact Rabbi Rader, either through the shul office (01273 888855) or in his mobile phone (07775 653897).  The Rabbi is available to provide assistance and comfort during your difficult times.

The Shiva. Arrangements for the Shiva are made in conjunction with Rabbi Rader. 

Documentation. Certain forms of documentation are required. These documents are extremely important and the burial will be delayed without them.

  • Generally, unless the coroner is involved, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) (more commonly known as the ‘death certificate’) and a Registrar’s Certificate for Burial (also called the ‘green form’) are required. The MCCD will be issued by the doctor or hospital and will be sent directly to the registrar. When you call the registrar to make an appointment to register the death it is important to advise that this a Jewish Burial as they have procedures in place to expedite this process to accommodate Jewish law.

  • If the death has taken place in hospital there is also a hospital release form which allows the undertaker to care for your loved one.

  • The Registrar’s Certificate for Burial (green form) is obtained from the local Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths.  You can book an appointment to register a death online or phone 01273 292016. There is no charge for Registration but if you require a Death Certificate there is, at the time of writing, a charge of £11.

  • An additional form for the Department of Work & Pensions called a BD8 will also be issued, which is to ensure all benefits or pensions are stopped correctly. There is also an online service called ‘Tell Us Once’. This free service allows you to report a death to most government departments in one step. The registrar will give you a unique reference number to use online or by phone. If 'Tell Us Once' is used then you do not normally have to fill out the reverse of the BD8 form. This link has more information.

Stone-settings. The Stone-setting generally takes place 11 months after the bereavement. Arrangements for a Stone setting should be made with Shul office (01273 888855). The wording on the stone should be discussed with the Rabbi. While we do not recommend any particular stonemason, the following have erected headstones in our cemetery in recent years:-

  • Tilleys Stonemasons Ltd – 01273 555882

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